Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss - Can They Really Help You Lose Weight?

When you're trying to lose weight one of the most significant factors that will determine your success is motivation and self belief.

Understandably losing weight is no easy challenge, however the real challenge is in maintaining the weight and staying slim!

So how does one maintain the motivation and self belief to both reach their target and maintain their target regarding weight loss?

You see the same rule applies for everyone here!

It doesn't matter if you're trying to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds! In order to succeed you need to adjust your mental attitude as well as habits.

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Losing weight is more of a psychological battle than physical! We know that we can cut back on fatty foods and sugars and be much healthier yet most of us can't overcome the barrier in our minds to achieve this.

Pharmaceutical companies know this and prey on the minds of people who are looking for a quick fix answer when there isn't one!

In fact let me put this out there here and now..

No diet or pill or any such kind can help you maintain a sustainable and healthy diet!

They may help you shed the first few pounds but there not realistic plans for long term weight loss success. Your mental attitude towards food and eating habits though are.

You must change your way of thinking and really commit to dieting with self belief and conviction.

I really want you to let that soak in before we begin to discuss some techniques for applying positive affirmation for long-term weight loss.

3 Tips For Applying Affirmations For Weight Loss

1. Dumping Negative Emotions - Primarily positive affirmations focus on stating out aloud that which you desire, in this case to lose weight.

However when you're committing to a long term goal such as losing weight it's important to also make note of any negative thoughts and internal dialogue on a daily basis.

Allow for roughly 15 mins every day where you recollect the bad feelings and discouragement you encountered throughout the day. This really isn't that difficult and sets a good ground for applying positive affirmations for weight loss effectively.

Don't read the notes out aloud, in fact chuck them away once you have written them out. The purpose here is to only "dump" any negative emotions before applying your positive affirmations. Clearing the mind so to speak.

3. Affirming Your Goals - When it comes to preparing your list of affirmations be specific.

OK, you want to lose weight, but how much and by when. Is there a reason beyond health implications for you wanting to lose weight?

I see a lot of people just copying pre-listed affirmations from websites and such like but they are far to broad and carry little meaning therefore wont resonate with you!

The purpose of this article isn't to discuss what affirmations are but let's quickly take a look at a quick example. So I want to lose 10 pounds in a month because I am meeting a lady soon whom I met online.

My affirmation might go something like.. "I feel great now that I have lost in excess of 10 pounds in 4 weeks and can't wait to meet my lady friend".

OK, a bit vague but I'm sure you get the idea.

Also, referring back to step 1 the "emotion dump". It's recommended to state your affirmations immediately or soon after you have done your daily emotions dump.

3. What's Your Motive - As stated earlier, losing weight is very much a psychological battle. To remain motivated and really get the results you desire and maintain those results you need to understand the reasons for you wanting to lose weight.

This really is a personal factor but extremely important to your success.

Remember these are the reasons that YOU want to lose weight NOT why others may want you to or even influence you to!

Make note of your reasons for wanting to lose weight and be specific.

You can these use these reasons for wanting to lose weight to keep you motivated and also to draft up positive affirmations for weight loss that carry meaning and resonate with you.

Outlined in this article have been three steps and other useful information you can apply to your weight loss affirmations and your motivation to lose weight in general.

Over time your habits will change as well as your way of thinking if you really apply and commit to using affirmations for weight loss.

Once you acknowledge that a diet is long term and that you are in control you can really start to see some amazing results.

Remember motivation and belief is key so draft and state your affirmations with both belief and conviction.

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